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Big Telescopes: Family Day

Date: 14 Jun 2015
Time: 11:00am - 5:00pm
Location: Physics Exhibition Centre, University of York

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Join us to explore the Big Telescopes exhibition and discover how astronomers use different types of light to study the Universe.  With interactive activities, an inflatable planetarium, and giant models, find out how we know about the Big Bang, black holes, galaxies colliding and much more!

This event is suitable for all ages and is part of the Children's University.  No tickets are required for the exhibition, but tickets are needed for the talks.  Please note that our demonstration lectures are now sold out, but there are lots more exciting talks to choose from, and the exhibition will be open on both Monday and Tuesday evenings, too:

Sunday 3pm - A Zoo of Galaxies, with special guest speaker Dr Karen Masters! Tickets here.

The universe is filled with galaxies with an amazing variety of sizes and shapes. One of the biggest challenges for astronomers working in this field is to understand how all these types relate to each other in the background of an expanding universe. Karen Masters from the University of Portsmouth and Project Scientist for the Galaxy Zoo Citizen Science programme will discuss how the public can help classify galaxies and the real science being done with their findings.

Monday 7pm - Mini Magnetospheres, with special guest speaker Dr Ruth Bamford! Tickets here.

One of the biggest dangers while travelling in space is exposure to potentially lethal bursts of radiation from the Sun. These can flare up during periods of increased solar activity known as solar storms. Dr Ruth Bamford, from RAL Space, will be talking about how to protect astronauts with Star Trek style deflector shields, and the importance of these shields on future manned missions to Mars.

Tuesday 7pm - Is there anyone out there, with special guest speaker Prof. Tim O'Brien! Tickets here.

For more than 50 years, giant radio telescopes have scanned the skies looking for signals from extra-terrestrial civilisations. We’ve discovered some amazing astronomical phenomena but so far nothing that looks like a message from deep space. Professor Tim O'Brien will discuss the current state of play and what the future might hold for our attempts to answer this most fundamental of questions: "Are we alone in the Universe?”

This event is part of the York Festival of Ideas.  Check out for lots more exciting events.

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