Resource Library

Below are a number of free resources you can use to learn more about the wonders of the Universe, as well as some practical information for groups visiting the site (such as risk assessments).

Stellarium - Free Planetarium Software

If you’ve visited the Astrocampus, you will have seen what an amazing piece of software this is! Free to download, it allows you to explore the night sky from any location and for any time/date.


The Astrocampus Newsletter, published every other month, features everything you need to know about what’s going on at the Astrocampus.

Zooniverse - Citizen Science

Take part in real life research...from helping scientists to work out how galaxies form, to spotting asteroids that might one day hit Earth!

Cycle the Solar System

Tour the Planets by bike on York's scale model of the Solar System

BBC Resources

Some great resources from the BBC including guides on telescope buying and night time photography, stunning posters, and answers to some of the really big questions!

European Space Education Resource Office

The European Space Education Resource Office has lots of information about current British Space Missions, and resources for schools through the National STEM Centre e-Library.


See our galaxy in all the different wavelengths of light

Risk Assessments

Risk assessments for schools visiting the site.

Study Physics at the University of York

Want to take your learning further? The University of York offers an Undergraduate degree in Physics with Astrophysics