Astrocampus: Talks

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KS2/3: In space, no one can hear you scream!

How do we get into space? And once we’re there, what happens to our bodies? Why can’t we breathe in space? Just how cold is it up there? And why is it that in space, no one can hear you scream? Find out all this and more with live demonstrations and hands on activities including boiling blood, exploding marshmallows and a rocket launch!

KS2/3: Let there be light!

From the beginning of the Universe, to its eventual end, find out what light can tell us all about Space. Why is our Sun yellow not blue, how can police sirens tell us about other galaxies, and how did pigeons get in the way of one of the biggest scientific discoveries? Find out with live demonstrations and hands-on activities: from hidden messages and special glasses to lasers and plasma balls!

KS3/4 The Sun – Spots and all!

The Sun is a surprisingly exciting place with almost constant activity. This talk outlines some of the key types of surface activity on the Sun and the effects it has on the planet Earth.

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